Dental Bridge

Bridge Work is the replacement of one or two missing teeth with a “bridge” system, where the missing teeth are replaced with material similar to teeth and supported by adjacent teeth by cementing. Unlike dentures, bridge work is permanent and cannot be removed.
What need to be considered when deciding to do bridge work is that to support the replacement teeth (pontic), it takes at least 2 (two) neighboring teeth to be fitted with a supporting crown, this means that both teeth must be reduced in size. On the other hand, if there is a problem or damage to the replacement teeth or supporting teeth, all teeth including healthy supporting teeth must be restored.
Bridge Work is effective for patients with needs:

  • If the neighboring teeth from missing teeth have large fillings or requires dental crown,
  • Patients who are contraindicated about implant placement, such as osteoporosis and others,
  • Patients who cannot and are uncomfortable using removable dentures,
  • Bridge between implants for cost considerations