The Invisalign system is an invisible and hygienic orthodontic treatment with an innovative approach to tidy teeth effectively. Using Smart Force Technology, the Invisalign System uses a series of aligners made specifically for each patient. It’s made of plastic that is almost invisible, most people won’t even notice it.
Here are some of the benefits of invisalign :

  1. Almost imperceptible: Invisalign’s clear alignment gives you the choice to remain confident, with having the same smile and lifestyle
  2. More comfortable: made from smooth and comfortable materials, without a metal support that causes irritation to the gums or inside of the mouth,
  3. Oral hygiene is maintained: Invisalign’s aligner can be removed for a maximum of 2 hours so that it is easier to clean teeth and maintain oral health during use or even to enjoy food at certain times,
  4. Require less doctor visit (ie. every 3-6 weeks)
  5. Predictable: can visualize each stage of the treatment process, from beginning to end.

The Invisalign treatment process begins with intraoral photo taking, panoramic and cephalometric x-rays and the making of dental prints. These notes are used to draw up a 3D treatment plan, called the ClinCheck treatment plan, which will be used to design an Invisalign alignment of 10-30 prints depending on the condition of the patient’s jaws and teeth. This 3D treatment plan will also show the estimated final position of the teeth at the end of the treatment. Invisalign Aligners are made specifically and differently for each patient. We will usually give 3 to 4 sets of aligners at once and patients will replace them every 2 weeks until the last print.