Braces is beneficial for:

  1. improve the appearance of teeth and face (aesthetics),
  2. improve the quality of food chewing and the quality of speech,
  3. overcome pain in the jaw joints caused by incorrect tooth alignment,
  4. correction of malposition teeth, such as crowding, spacing teeth , crossbite, overbite and vice versa (underbite)

Smile + provides 3 variants of braces namely ESTETIC braces, DAMON braces and INVISALIGN. The first two are relatively the same but differ in size, control process and treatment time. Not all of these variants are suitable for every patient, especially if the patient has an implant or crown.
The intended variants include:

Esthetique Braces, the most popular braces which using arch wire, brackets and ligature elastic. Brackets are provided in 2 (two) types namely European Clear Crystal Brackets that are clear (transparent) or MDT for metal types that made in the USA. The ligature elastic or o-ring is consist of various color that can be chosen. Because of its elasticity, ligature or o-ring need to be replaced at least once a month for maximum result

Metal Braces
Ceramic Braces

Damon Braces are braces that do not require elastic o-rings . They are replaced by a Self-Ligating mechanism so that the teeth can move more freely and comfortably. It also make cleaning teeth more easier. Damon braces are more stable so braces control can be done every 2 months and the treatment period is relatively faster.

Damon Metal Braces
Damon Clear Braces