Dental implant placement is the installation of artificil tooth roots and crowns. In addition to replace missing teeth, implants are relevant to improve quality of life because they provide benefits, such as:

  • maintain overall tooth strength because each tooth is side by side and not ‘alone’
  • protect jawbones from resorption,
  • restore natural smile, maintain face shape and smooth talk,
  • help digestion and provides opportunities to enjoy food freely.
  • can last a lifetime for patients with a good systemic state and not prone to porosity.

The selection of the right material needs to be considered so it can be well received by the body (not allergic), strong, comfortable and aesthetically great when seen together with other teeth. Dental implant procedures are different for each brand because they have their own system, size, material and even screw system, so that each implant brand has its own equipment, method and method of fitting.

However, implant placement follows the following standard steps:

  1. tooth extraction, when the tooth still exists
  2. preparation of the jawbone including bone graft and sinus lifting if necessary, so that the implant is ensured to be firmly planted, durable and can be well accepted by the body,
  3. if the bone thickness is sufficient and the patient’s systemic condition is good, a dental implant is placed in place of the natural root,
  4. Osteointegration period is the union between the dental implant and the surrounding bone with an estimated time of 2-6 months depending on the condition of the patient’s jawbone, then the healing abutment for gum formation and molding is prepared to prepare the tooth abutment and crown.
  5. Installation of abutments and dental crowns so that patients can chew normally.

The Smile+ implant system is German Ankylos Implant System and Straumann Swiss Implant system, both of which are known as one of the best implant brands available today. The Straumann System is actively involved in ITI (International Team for Implantology), an international group of top dentists that produces international implant standards so that every product they produce must pass every standard test stage from ITI. Ankylos System is the best product from the German Densply brand with more than 25 years of experience with the fastest growth in the world today. With this experience, the ankylos system is uniquely developed so that it is able to adapt to the body’s recovery system.