Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom Tooth Extraction (Odontectomy)
Wisdom tooth extraction is done for various reasons, such as wisdom tooth that partially erupt, tilt forward (mesial), tilt back (distal), grow horizontally.
This is needed to prevent patients from:

  1. Bad breath due to food impaction between wisdom teeth and neighboring teeth, and often cause cavities,
  2. Gum inflammation (swelling and bleeding) and periodic recurring pain due to the location of the wrong teeth,
  3. Wisdom teeth that over erupt can injure the antagonist gums because there are no opposing tooth to contact,
  4. Tension in the jaw joints around the ears resulting in migraine, headache, difficulty when opening mouth and in some cases can be paralyzed,

Technically, wisdom teeth extraction requires surgical procedures, bone extraction and tooth separation. Bone removal is done to avoid postoperative pain and excessive swelling while separation is needed if the tooth position is difficult to remove.

Smile+ pay special attention to minimizing trauma to patients by doing the treatment gently, using the latest tools, collagen wound dressing and gel for wound recovery and of high-quality of experienced doctors.